We operste at four (4) different locations : Brechin Motorsports Park situated near Beaverton, Ontario. (shown below) and Lombardy Raceway south of Smith Falls, ON Flamboro Speedway  in Millgrove, On (near Hamilton) and Canadian Tire Motorsports Park north of Toronto, ON. All locations are well suited for beginners and the very experienced. We are a mobile business and will be operating at several other facilities. 

SuperSonic 239

You can! All ages from 5 years old to 95! Whether you have never ridden a motorcycle, or you are a retired/current road racer, street bike rider or dirt bike racer/off-road enthusiast and just want to try Road Racing, the Supersonic Road Racing School is for you! Please review our Who can ride guide.
We have several programs to accommodate people of all ages and experience starting at $299.00 CAD. Prices vary depending on the program and bike you select.  See our courses under  Book a course.
Course Levels .01 to .04 include bike, full set of safety gear, liability insurance, track fees and video review. A typical day: Arrive time 9am  - end 3:30pm providing on/off track instruction. Damage insurance is offered separately. Review Book a course to find the one that’s right for you!
Anyone between the ages of 5 to 95 years old can come to Super Sonic Road Race School to learn on a mini-moto and try the sport of Road Racing. Please check out our Who can ride guide
We provide a mini-moto expertly set-up for road racing and a head to toe set of riding gear including race suit, helmet, gloves, boots, back protector and option neck roll. Our Instructors are Championship winning/very experienced athletes vetted purposely to teach you the techniques of road racing. Please review our courses at Book a course
Yes, you can bring and use your own bike if it meets these requirements: a 4-stroke (or e-bike), stock OE exhaust, a seat height less than 31” with 10” or 12” wheels and scooter road tires. Fluid carrying lines must be safety wired or silicone sealed. Your bike and tires must be in good running condition requiring no interruptions for repairs or tuning throughout the class, and pass SSRRS tech inspection.  If all these requirements have been met, after your class is complete we will refund $50.00 for using your own bike.
Yes, you can bring your own riding gear if it is in good shape and meets the following requirements approved by SSRRS staff: Riding gear must consist of a full face motorcycle helmet D.O.T approved or better in good condition with face shield, reputable brand name motorcycle riding gear, textile or leather or combination of both; is a one-piece suit or has a zip closure zipping the jacket to the pants 360 degrees or beaver tail attaching at the rear of the jacket to the pants, has armour in the shoulders, elbows and knees, a full length back protector, full coverage leather gloves, and boots that cover the ankles (no steel toed boots or elevated heels). You can rent any missing piece of your equipment (refer to our gear rental page). Course Levels .01 to .04 includes gear rental and there are no discounts offered if you bring your own gear.
Under the suit you will want to wear snug fitting athletic leggings and long-sleeved shirt that are made of a wicking material (not 100% cotton). This will make the race suit more comfortable by moving with you, allowing the suit to 'glide' over your body instead of ‘sticking’ and tugging against you.
Our Instructors will safely take you from your level of riding experience to the next level. Read through our courses to find the right starting point for you.  If you are a racer, we will provide the techniques and mental tools you need to go fast. If you are a street rider, we will provide the skill basics you need to become confident and safe on the road. We offer several different tiered programs at the school to keep you improving as you increase your speed and hone your skills. Please review our courses at Book a course
If you have street bike experience, a lot or a little, we will access your skill level and teach you some racing techniques you can apply to the street like braking, setting the bike for cornering and obstacle avoidance. As you build your skill so will your confidence allowing you the best defence against the perils of street riding. Check out our Who can ride guide
If you used to road race ‘back in the day’ and want to rekindle that excitement and fun, we have you covered! We will provide all the time you need to clear out the cobwebs and show you some new skills the current racers are using today. Please review our courses at Book a course
If you currently road race in a series or run track days and want to learn to go faster, we have the Champions to teach you! Choose from our programs which one fits your scenario the best. Please review our courses at  Book a course
You can review our courses under  Book a course and pay through the website using Pay Pal, a credit card, or e-transfer.  Any difficulties please call Toni @ 416-629-8989 or email toni@supersonicschool.com
We recommend some regular gentle stretching for a few weeks before you arrive for your event. Remember you will be on a mini-moto so your body will be folded up a little more than you are accustom to. Whatever your age, some regular gentle stretching exercises prior to your ride will make your day all that more enjoyable. Book a course
Yes, we have a Corporate Event Course available for a group minimum of 10, maximum 12 people. Check out the details under  Book a course
We run in rain or sun shine, just like MotoGP, but in heavy rain we will stop and wait 30min for the rain to disperse.  We will not run with lightening in the area (5km).   For refunds, please read Our policies page.
The Canadian Mini Superbike Race Series, CMSBK or MiniSBK is open to anyone with one of these qualifications outlined in the CMSBK Sporting and Technical Rules/Regulations.  From the home page click CMSBK, you can buy your race licence here for all the CMSBK classes and Canada Cup series. 
Please see the CMSBK qualifications outlined in the CMSBK Sporting and Technical Rules/Regulations Rules & Regulations.  From the home page click CMSBK.
At the Super Sonic Road Race School, we use Germosolve (DIN 02425807) in a fogging / drying system to disinfect all our safety gear.  We also offer hairnets and have a limited number of new helmets for purchase.

***If you have a question not answered above please contact toni@supersonicroadraceschool.com or 416-629-8989

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