This course is for Novice riders ages 5 to 95 years old. You have been on a motorcycle a couple of times and want to learn more.
In Conquer Corners we lay the basis for correct muscle memory for future speed in corners. Students learn to use their eyes to "steer" the bike, correct body position in corners, braking and throttle control. Students will become more comfortable and have a feeling of control on the motorcycle.
50cc – 110 cc mini-moto, instruction, complete set of head to toe safety gear, liability Insurance, and track fees. (bring your own drink and food)
Wear snug fitting athletic leggings and long sleeve shirt for under the race suit. Bringing your own gear does not change the price of the course, see “Can I bring my own gear?” for requirements.

WAIVER – download and read


Contact Information

 Contact Information

Super Sonic Road Race School

Suite 246 - 1111 Davis Dr., Unit 23
Newmarket   Ontario , L3Y 9E5


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