OHVALE 110cc-160cc mini-moto bike, instruction, complete head to toe set of safety gear, liability insurance, track fees. Bringing your own gear does not lower the cost of the course  – see “ Can I bring my own gear ?” for requirements. Please bring your own food and drink.

WAIVER – download and read

Who Can Ride :

All ages, 5 to 95 years old. You are a retired road racer and want to experience the thrill of track riding again! OR you are a graduate from course Level .03 Learn to Lean, OR you are a seasoned track day rider who would like to pick up some new skills and learn race strategies.

Students will be taught the skills required to go fast on a race course. Coaches will critique any bad habits you may have and offer improvements throughout. Drills and track time will be used to fine tune each lesson. Graduates from .03 Learn to Lean course will build onto the basics learned and how to apply them to the Ohvale. When you have mastered Road Race 101 and graduate with honours you are on your way to the podium!

Wear snug fitting athletic leggings and long sleeved shirt for under the race suit. Bring your own food and drink.

Arrive time is 9am, ends at 3:30pm. Minors must be accompanied by their parent(s) or Legal guradian all day.

Contact Information

 Contact Information

Super Sonic Road Race School

Suite 246 - 1111 Davis Dr., Unit 23
Newmarket   Ontario , L3Y 9E5


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